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Glossary of 4x4 Terms - Page 2: P to T

Tech Section MENU

Articles - collection of links to tech articles on the web

Driving techniques - 4x4 driving tips for various offroad conditions

Glossary - explanations of 4x4 tech terms A-Z

LPG - Advantages and Disadvantages of converting to LPG fuel

Recovery techniques - basic information on how to recover a stuck vehicle

Tyres - advice on care, maintenance and sizes

UK MOT test - checklist

UK Number plates - application procedure and history

Rack & Pinion Steering - works by a pinion gear attached to the steering column moving along a toothed rack to move rods fixed to the wheels.
Rear bars - bars fixed to the rear which can accomadate accessories such as jerrycan holders and wheel mounts.
Roll Bar - a strong bar extending above the driver and passenger's head and fixed to the chassis, to protect them in event of the vehicle rolling over.
Roll Cage - an extension of the roll bar idea so that a larger area is protected.
Snorkel - moves the engine air intake to outside the bonnet and raises it above likely levels of dust, sand and water.
Split Charge System - provides in-car management of multiple batteries used to power winches, fridges etc.
Steering Box - changes the rotational movement of the steering wheel into horizontal movement of the drag link.
Steering Damper - looks and acts like a shock absorber to smooth out sudden movements of the steering when tranversing rocks.
Steering Guard - metal plate protecting the steering rod assembly from impact damage
Tow strap - alternative to a tow rope. It fits through the recovery points and threads back through itself so no need for shackles.
Track Rod - connects the steering drag link to the opposite wheel. Adjusting the length of this sets the toe-in of the wheels
Tyre deflators - can reduce tyre pressures to a pre-determined value for crossing soft sand.
Tyre Sealant - protective fluid injected into a tyre which can immediately seal a puncture in the tread pattern area should one occur
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