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4x4 Insurance makes up a large part of running costs, so it's important to get the right 4x4 insurance policy for your needs and your budget.

Types of 4x4 car insurance policy:
  • Third Party
    The law requires that you have at least this level of insurance. If you are at least partly to blame for an accident then the insurance company will pay for the other persons 4x4, car or property and also for any injury to them. This level of 4x4 insurance is very cheap but will not cover any damage to your own vehicle.

  • Third Party Fire and Theft
    In addition to the cover offered at Third Party level you also have 4x4 insurance against your vehicle being stolen or damaged by fire. Adxa result of the extra cover it is lses cheap.

  • Comprehensive
    This is the highest level of 4x4 insurance. It will cover Thirty Party Fire and Theft but also covers damage or loss of your own 4x4 upto the insured value of the vehicle. Comprehensive 4x4 insurance will also cover you against death or injury to yourself and your spouse (if they are travelling with you). Not easy to find cheap cover at this level.
Offroad use:
It is not usual for policies to cover 4x4 offroad use. You need to check before buying if this is what you need. It is not easy, or cheap, to get insurance cover for 4x4 competition use. Actual competition events often offer insurance cover for the specific event on the day.

Cheaper insurance premium:
Garage your 4x4. If you are a club member check if you are eligible for a cheaper insurance premium. You can opt for a voluntary excess or increase it above the required minimum. Fit an immobiliser and/or an alarm

Some common 4x4 car insurance policy items and glossary of terms:

Agreed value: If you have added lots of accessories or done major modifications to your 4x4 you may wish to have the insured value of your vehicle reflect it's truth worth. Many insurance companies will agree on a particular value but the trade off is that the premium will be less cheap.
Brokers: These companies find cheap insurance companies for you. They need not be more expensive than dealing with insurance companies direct and they can often deal better with any specific requirements you have.
Direct insurer: Your insurance policy can be purchased directly from an insurance company. Different companies offer different specialist deals so shop around.
Excess: If you make an insurance claim,this is the amount you agree to pay yourself
Green Card: If you drive your 4x4 abroad, this is designed to make it unnecessary to apply for insurance at the border of each country. It confirms that you have at least the minimum legal insurance cover. Get it from your insurer, but it is no longer required in EU member countries.
Limited mileage: If you do not drive your 4x4 extensively then some companies allow you to have a cheaper premium based upon an agreed maximum annual mileage. If you exceed this then the insurance company will not pay any claim.
No-Claims Bonus: You get a discount on your insurance premium if you drive without making a claim. It is sometimes possible to pay extra to protect your bonus in the event of a claim.

Salvage retention: Your 4x4 may be declared a write-off by the insurance company. Some companies allow you to include a buy back option to buy back the wreckage in the event of a major accident. In some cases however the 4x4 is so badly damaged that the insurance company is required by law to have the vehicle destroyed.
Travelling abroad: Your UK policy should cover you automatically for the minimum legal requirement, but this could amount to less than third party cover in some countries. Inform your insurer that you are taking your 4x4 overseas
Voluntary excess: You can sometimes get a cheaper insurance premium by arranging to pay an agreed sum in the event of a claim.

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