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Glossary of 4x4 Terms - Page 2: D to J

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Articles - collection of links to tech articles on the web

Driving techniques - 4x4 driving tips for various offroad conditions

Glossary - explanations of 4x4 tech terms A-Z

LPG - Advantages and Disadvantages of converting to LPG fuel

Recovery techniques - basic information on how to recover a stuck vehicle

Tyres - advice on care, maintenance and sizes

UK MOT test - checklist

UK Number plates - application procedure and history

Dampers - otherwise known as shock absorbers.
Diff guard - metal plate protecting the differential from impact damage
Diff lock - a differential which can be locked such that both wheels are driven, regardless of the traction each wheel is obtaining.
Drag link - connects the steering box to one wheel and controls the direction of the wheel.
Driveshaft - a single rotating shaft that turns the wheel. Also called a halfshaft or axle shaft.
EGR Valve - A valve which allows exhaust gases to be mixed in with the air intake
Electric cooling fan - replaces engine-driven fan to conserve power and fuel. Thermostatically controlled to operate only when engine cooling is necessary
Electronic Control Unit (ECU) - A computer which contriols such things as ignition and fuel systems
Engine management system - A computer which manages the fuel injection and ignition systems in an integrated way
Engine pre-heating system - a mains powered heating element which fits into the engine block to raise water temperature prior to starting
Halfshaft - a single rotating shaft that turns the wheel. Also called a driveshaft or axle shaft.
Hybrid Engine - a conventional fuel engine mated to an electric motor. The combination reduces fuel consumption significantly.
Intelligent Battery System (IBS) - provides in-car management of multiple batteries used to power winches, fridges etc.
Jackable sills - bolt-on chassis extensions which allow the side of the vehicle to be jacked up using a high-lift jack
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