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Glossary of 4x4 Terms - Page 2: K to O

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Driving techniques - 4x4 driving tips for various offroad conditions

Glossary - explanations of 4x4 tech terms A-Z

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Recovery techniques - basic information on how to recover a stuck vehicle

Tyres - advice on care, maintenance and sizes

UK MOT test - checklist

UK Number plates - application procedure and history

Limited Slip Differential - fitting one of these means that if one wheel looses grip and slips then the other wheel will still get some power. Caution: if one wheel is jacked up then the other wheel can still turn if you rotate the raised wheel.
Live axle - an axle which transmits power to the wheels. A 4x4 has 2 live axles.
Off-Road tyres - have a more agressive tread than those used for speed on tarmac.
Overdrive - reduces engine rpm for any given road speed. Reduces engine wear and noise, and increases fuel economy.
Power brakes - use a vacuum to add additional force to the brake actuating mechanism. Less effort needed on the brake pedal.
Power steering - reduces the turning force needed to operate the steering wheel. Very useful on rocky terrain.
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