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The 4x4 publications on this page have been carefully selected as being of interest to 4x4 owners. They can be purchased securely online.
Maps offers a vast selection of travel maps and travel guides for any destination. You will also find a large range of books, phrase books and products on outdoor activities. There's also the popular Ordnance Survey maps online, it is easy to choose any OS map. Simply select your destination on the interactive UK map then full details of the map will be displayed. All Ordnance Survey Landranger maps, OS Explorer maps and OS Travel Road maps are stocked. also offer free delivery on OS Landranger and OS Explorer maps.


Subscriptions to the magazines below may be obtained by clicking on the links below the cover. You can subscribe online from there.

Land Rover Monthly

The liveliest and best informed Land Rover Magazine in the business. The top rate editorial team, headed by the most experienced Land Rover editor in the business, brings readers unrivaled depth of coverage on all things Land Rover, technical tips and advice, travel and adventure, vehicle modifications, product reviews, vehicle tests, and news and views .

Land Rover Owner International

Land Rover Owner International is Britain's best selling 4x4 and off-road magazine. Every issue is packed with off-road adventures from around the world, events coverage, practical workshop projects and advice, off-roading techniques and thousands of Land Rovers for sale.

Land Rover Defender

There are 228 pages In this MagBook and you can enjoy many great Defenders spanning over 20 years of prototypes, limited editions, V8s, trial specials, as well as informative buying guides to help you purchase your dream model. All these vehicles have graced the pages of Land Rover Monthly over the years and we hope that they bring you both enjoyment and inspiration.

With their unsurpassed coverage of the entire 4x4 market; their road tests, product news and technical features covering both the on and off road aspects of 4x4 Ős, Off Road and 4 Wheel Drive has become a firm favourite with Off Roaders everywhere. And when you take out a Subscription, you also become a Member of the Off Road & 4 Wheel Drive Club!  
Total 4x4

Total 4x4: the new name for Total Off Road! Features include info on all off-roaders, modded 4x4s, green lane guides and the latest info on clubs, news and products. Plus new features including vehicle buyers' guides to new and used cars. Total 4x4 is everything Total Off Road was - and a whole lot more besides!
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Every week since motoring began over 100 years ago, Autocar has been the essential news, entertainment and reference magazine for the committed car enthusiast. It specialises in revealing details of secret new cars, and its famous road tests, invented by the magazine 75 years ago, are used by industry and consumers alike as the authoritative benchmark.

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Love driving? Try Auto Express - Britain's biggest car news weekly. Every issue is packed with the latest news, reviews, test drives and spy shots, so you're always one step ahead of what's happening. PLUS Auto Express features the only used-car price guide fully updated every week

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CARAVAN MAGAZINE is Britain's premier bookstall title and covers every aspect of caravanning. More details

The UK's biggest-selling Caravan Magazine! More details





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The 4x4 Book: The essential guide to buying, owning, enjoying and maintaining an off-road vehicle

Hardcover: 176 pages * Publisher: Haynes Group (31 May 2006)
In the past ten years, 4x4s have evolved from somewhat agricultural vehicles used primarily as workhorses, and have carved out their own market niche as mainstream, everyday means of transport. This extensively illustrated book provides a complete introduction to the world of 4x4s, with practical advice on how to choose the most suitable vehicle, and what to expect when running a 4x4, as well as guidance on off-road driving techniques, towing and maintenance. Essential reading for anyone contemplating ownership of their first 4x4, and for existing owners who want to maximise their enjoyment of 4x4 ownership.

Africa Overland (Bradt Travel Guides S.)
Paperback 305 pages (July 10, 2005). Publisher: BRADT Travel Guides

Exploring Africa independently on your own set of wheels is an increasingly popular way of seeing this massive and varied continent. With this fourth edition of Africa Overland, our most informative to date, travellers can plan their own trip or seek out the best of the overland expeditions.


Chasing Rainbows: A Journey Round the Southern Hemisphere by Land Rover Discovery

by Peter and Eileen Crichton. Hardcover 236 pages (March 2005) # Publisher: Arabian Visions
A single vehicle journey through Australia, South America and North Africa. 64 Colour plates. Helpful sections on vehicle praparation, journey planning, shipping by container............................


Land Rover Expeditions: Where to Go Off-roading in the UK (Haynes EMAP S.)

Hardcover 224 pages (August 19, 2004) # Publisher: Haynes Publishing
Having a real four-wheel drive vehicle means the owner can travel to almost anywhere in the UK. Produced by Land Rover Owner International Magazine, this guidebook provides ideas on how to make the most of owning and travelling by Land Rover in Britain.

Breaks Near the Motorways 2005 Edition

Paperback 328 pages. Publisher: Cheviot Books
Some pleasant alternatives to those dreadful overpriced service stations
Four Wheels & Frontiers
Pub. Ulric Publishing; ISBN 0 9537577 8 1
The autobiographical account of driving from Singapore to England in a 1943, W.W.II Willys Jeep, made by two colonial Police Officers; Roy Follows and Noel Dudgeon.

A High in the Andes: Taking part in the... Hardcover 330 pages (January 24, 2003). Publisher: Wyntok Ltd

Vic Quayle and his wife Pam took their 4x4 over to South America to participate in the trip of a lifetime - the Inca Trail Rally. They were not disappointed. One of the longest ever held, the rally traversed Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay at heights of up to 16,500 feet.


Handbook of Off-road Driving by Julian Cremona, Keith Hart. 160 pages (January 18, 1990) Publisher: Ashford

Very good book for the beginner in off roading.


Four Wheeling by John D. Farquhar, Bill Holder, Gary Wescott, William G. Holder.

Hardcover 80 pages (March 1, 1994). Publisher: Courage Books

Four-Wheeler's Bible by Jim Allen; 224 pages (November 30, 2002). Publisher: Motorbooks International

4-wheel Freedom: The Art of Off-road...

Whether you're thinking about buying a 4-wheel drive vehicle or are already an experienced 4WDer, there is something in this complete guide for you. Learn how to drive on snow, ice, rocks, mud and hills, plus how to choose and use off-road tires, winches and other speciality gear. Every 4WD owner should own this handy book.


Offroad Driving Techniques by Nick Dimbleby.

Comprehensive guide on driving safely and responsibly off-road. 160 pages (27 October, 1997).

Sahara Overland Trail Blazer publications. Paperback. Chris Scott provides an exhaustive account of the subject in a no-nonsense style intended for first time desert travellers plus detailed routes descriptions (complete with GPS waypoints) which would be useful for anyone. There is no english language publication to compare. Subjects covered include vehicles & equipment required, visa and document requirements, driving tips, how to avoid and deal with emergencies, and suggested itineraries.
Off-Roader Driving by Tom Sheppard, Desert Winds. Review by Off-Roader ' ..a treasure-trove of off-road driving techniques .. superbly illustrated in colour ... a great present for anyone who owns or drives a four-wheel drive, or those who regularly venture off the beaten track in search of driving challenges and excitement.'
Off-road 4-wheel Drive Book 200 pages, hardback, March 1999. Jack Jackson With 30 years of experience of using four-wheel drive machines on expeditions to all parts of the world, including Africa, Asia, the Middle and Far East, the Himalayas, Iceland and Greenland, Jack Jackson explains what to look for and which vehicles are best for which terrains and conditions. The book describes the most commonly available passenger-carrying 4WD vehicles an their accessories. It features driving in , and recovering from hostile environments including sand, mud, water, snow and ice. It also gives advice on planning expeditions, with survival techniques, common problems and emergency field repairs; useful equipment, and information on engines, brakes, tyres and suspension. There are also contact addresses for clubs and suppliers.
The Desert Driver's Manual by Jim Stabler. Spiral bound paperback, 65 pages. A handbook for anyone planning to drive in a desert environment. Jim Stabler looks at how to: plan ahead; assemble your equipment; navigate day and night; handle your vehicle; check your vehicle; select your camping site; know your vehicle; and extricate your vehicle.

Vehicle-dependent Expedition Guide paperback, Desert Winds, 2003, 500+ pages by Tom Sheppard.

"This is a carefully thought-out and written guide to using a 4x4 as a base for expeditions in arduous terrain. It is endorsed by the Royal Geographical Society and written by one of Britain's foremost desert and overland explorers, Squadron Leader Tom Sheppard. It has been written to update and further his first (now hard to find) volume of the same title; it also includes some information from his Royal Geographical Society pamphlet on Desert Expeditions. Much of the content of the former is reproduced however there are notable updates which make it very much worth buying. Whether you are travelling to mountain, desert or jungle environments with your 4x4 this is required reading. It is extremely comprehensive and authoritative and written with an understated, eloquent style that is sadly lacking in many outdoor books today. If you are contemplating an overland trip or the equipping of a vehicle for such, this is the only book you will need to buy. "

In Search of Will Carling by Charles Jacoby, Pocket Books June 1997, 352 pages paperback. It's a travel book, a rugby book, an Africa book, a comedy, a tragedy and not a bad Land Rover maintenance book. Country Life said: "Few possess the descriptive powers and wit of Charles Jacoby".
The Complete Trailer Manual Paperback, Nov 1996, 128 pages. How to design and build your own trailer. detailed descriptions of maintainance of existing trailers. Includes details for necessary wiring connections and tow hitch fixing.

The Lost World of the Kalahari by Col. by Laurens Van der Post. 256 pages new edition (3 January, 2002; originally published 1962) Vintage; ISBN: 009942875X

A 3000mile expedition by Land Rover. Laurens van der Post was fascinated and appalled at the fate of this remarkable people. Ostracised by all the changing face of African cultural life they retreated deep into the Kalahari desert. His fascinating attempt to capture their way of life and the secrets of their ancient heritage provide captivating reading and a unique insight into a forgotten way of life.


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