Offroad 4x4 Driving Centres in Cheshire
Wherever you are, there is probably a 4x4 Off Road Driving Centre near you. Some centres provide 4x4's and driving instructors, others cater for your own off road vehicle with a minimum of driving supervision.


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Cheshire (incorporating parts of modern admin areas - Greater Manchester and Merseyside)

4x4 Offroad Driving
Wheels churning and axles grinding, learn the skills of observation, planning and maneuvring as you tackle side slopes, steep inclines and rutted tracks in this challenging 4x4 driving experience. This course is both fun and serious skills acquisition all rolled into one. Your instructor will soon have you driving off-road like an expert, and you'll certainly regard 4WD vehicles with new respect in future.

Junior 4x4 Driving
How would you like to get to drive a powerful Land Rover Discovery? Now you can with this Junior 4x4 Driving Experience. Guided by a BORDA qualified instructor, you’ll take the wheel on a purpose-built site where you can learn new skills and tackle off-road challenges like steep slopes, inclines and rutted tracks. The perfect experience for anyone aged between12 and 16 who wants to try driving an exciting off-road vehicle in a fun and safe environment.
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